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At Lampart, we are a company that wants everyone "to think while they are performing their jobs".

Why? Because kind of personnel who, like a robot, has no skills except "devoutly executing work exactly as he or she is told" could not possibly be sought after for work in Vietnam and around the world from here on out.

・If you consider that instructions are mistaken, state your opinion and confirm with your team.
・If you consider that instructions are insufficient, share your thoughts and check with your team.
・If you consider that the method you were instructed to do is inefficient, propose a more efficient method to your team.

In this way, we hope for each and every one of our members to think and make things better. Additionally, we will continue to be a company that listens, absorbs, and makes things better. Because of this, people who work at Lampart will grow, be able to flourish anywhere, and acquire excellent teamwork skills. Lampart warmly welcomes those individuals "who are able to think on their own".

At Lampart, we do not make programmers create code that merely operates according to minute design specifications.
By putting you in charge of everything from requirements definition and the objectives of system functions to functional design and database design, we have created an environment where you can gain experience and up your skills as an engineer.
We have you think of not just one idea, but two or three. Furthermore, we have you grow into the kind of person who can independently judge what solution strategy to pursue based on current conditions.
Through your experience at Lampart, we hope that you learn not just techniques, but also how to think, and that you become capable of acting as a system engineer along the way.

It is exactly "the environment of growth" you receive working at Lampart that is the biggest merit of working here.



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Message from CEO

Kazuyasu Kawahara

Things I'd like to convey to Vietnamese engineers

Kazuyasu Kawahara

Things I'd like to convey to Vietnamese engineers

LAMPART has been going together with Vietnam during its 5 years operating in HCMC. We have learned much from Vietnam, and have been developing and expanding systems with people in Vietnam. That's why I want to deliver Vietnamese engineers the know-how and knowledge cultivated in the same way in Japan.

Specifically, LAMPART has established a personnel training system for employees, and we will train systematic personnel to realize the future shape each employee seek after. First of all, we will assist the engineers in improving the skills they need to continue to develop as a technician, including technical knowledge and business knowledge required for each rank (JUNIOR, MIDDLE, SENIOR), and education necessary to advance to the next step.

We provide not only OJT (On the job training) which training help approving PG skills for whom is PG and QC skills for whom is QC, but also we provide other internal and external training.

Through these training courses, you can continue to develop yourself by acquiring the skills and knowledge required in the society in general and business and IT industry in particular.

Although OJD (On the Job Development) is mainly conducted in Vietnam, Japanese SEs are traveling to Vietnam on business trips every month, so there are many opportunities for direct communication.

Please share with us your new findings while communicating with experienced Japanese SE and your work experience.
Let's make improvements together while enjoying the work with such cross-cultural communication!

Company Overview

Company Name LAMPART Co., Ltd.
Address 12F, An Phu Plaza, 117-119 Ly Chinh Thang, Vo Thi Sau Ward, Dist 3, Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam
Phone Number TEL: (+84 0) 28-3990-3296, (+84 0) 28-3990-3297
FAX: (+84 0) 28-3620-1378
Establish 2012 November 26th
Main Clients Wakka Inc.