Privacy Policy

【About the collection and use of personal information】

For information gathered here, we will state our purposes and only use them for stated purposes with your permission.
For the purpose of collection and usage of information in our company, we rely on information our client provided and consent to the usage for the purpose of our work.

【About sharing personal information】

Personal Information will not be provided for 3rd parti(es) without owner permission.
Required information for particular purposes could be sent for 3rd party partners.
3rd party partners are only allowed to use the information for specified scope and purposes. Any usuage of personal information not for stated purposes is prohibited.

【For management system of personal information】

We have section in charge of information security to prevent leaking. Under our strict management, all information are latest and correct.

【For disclosure of personal information of Disclaimer】

Your personal information is not to provide for a third party without owner permission except for cases that the law requests and/or the following cases.

(1) With permission from client.
(2) The third party is a partner that signed non-disclosure agreement and the information is required for their duty.
(3) At request of the law.
(4) For statistical data that does not declare particular owner (ie view counter)

【For change of personal information handling】

If there is any changes in our privacy policy, you will be noticed right at once.