Offshore Development

Lampart’s recruitment standard

Generally, the merit of offshore development is its low production cost. However, it contains the disadvantage of low quality production, due to HR incapacity and language barrier, which slows down from process of understanding specifications to development.
Lampart’s neutralizing that disadvantage with the following recruiting standards:

  • Recruiting of BSEs is based on their actual experience of working in Japan as well as of system development.
  • All recruited engineers must passed strict technical tests and interviews.

Working processes

With permanent connective Japanese staff in Vietnam, we ensure that every request from client will be fulfilled flawlessly in Vietnam.

ico_step1 Contract
Our Japanese staff is in charge of dealing contracts with clients.
ico_step2 Requests acquiring • Requirements definitions and design
Based on client’s requests, we prepare requirements’ definitions and design. Our Japanese staffs are in charge of this job.
ico_step3 Making detailed specifications and design, and giving detailed instructions
Permanent Japanese SEs in Vietnam make on-site preparation of detailed requirements definition and design available. Then, our experienced BrSEs give detailed instructions for engineers.
ico_step4 Developing and testing in Vietnam
Team leaders are in charge of thorough reviewing.
ico_step5 Final test and release in Japan
Japanese SE, programmer will finally check quality and release.

Quick support for urgent changes of specifications!!

With well-analyzed specs and backups prepared by our experienced SE, we can respond to specs changes immediately.
Applying Agile Development method (quick response, less time, less mistakes), we acquire client’s confirmation and develop promptly, reducing misunderstanding.


LAMPART also maintain systems

We can beautifully maintain not only our systems but also those that developed by others. Staffing is depended on the project’s scale.


Please contact us!

We will feedback quickly.
Contracts and contacts are in Japanese. We also have registration and office in Japan, therefore you’ve no need to worry about international business problems.
※ Contracts signed with Lampart based on Japanese laws, so you don’t need to worry problems related develop in foreign countries.
Please provide us your general requests and schedule. Our Japanese SE will contact you about details and tech matters.